"When I was small, / I believed in God like everyone else": Poetry by Krishti Khandelwal

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"When I was small, / I believed in God like everyone else": Poetry by Krishti Khandelwal

Two Poems by Krishti Khandelwal (11 years old)

God in My Perspective

When I was small,
I believed in God like everyone else.
I thought the pictures they drew
In real life existed.

And I grew up and learnt more
And heard from dad about the world and God
Learnt how those people wrote down their thinking
Which led to the people to believe in the lord.

So, I don't believe in god,
The way most people usually do.
I don't believe in ghosts and curses,
That could have brought fear upon you.

I believe that the mantras work for some people
Because of their subconscious and placebo,
It's a thing that works when you really believe in something,
That makes your wish come true.

Although it still is a mystery,
How placebo actually works, to what you desire.
Those mantras help you by increasing your knowledge,
To get something you always wanted to acquire.

So, I never said I'm an atheist,
This is just god in my perspective.
Our consciousness and intelligence,
To make sense out of almost nonsense,
And how we find their reason of being connective.

(In just a small organ inside our scull)

So, if you do something risky and dangerous,
Worshiping god won't make you protected.
If you continue to do that and being stupid,
You can't blame god by being affected and neglected.



You are given
An important task to do,
You have enough time, with that news
All the other stuff comes to you.

You have to play Minecraft,
Watch a movie you hate,
Do something that you don't do as often
Until it's too late.

Then you panic and internally scream,
And run across the room,
And you go crazy,
You meet your doom.

And you start to do that stuff
Like you completely forgot how to do it
But sometimes you gain super powers
And do it at the very last minute.

Of course, you leave you soul behind
Every time you procrastinate
as it turns something you love
Into something you hate.


Krishti Khandelwal is an awarded speaker along with being a story writer and a poet. A lot of her work has also been published on a number of blogs and websites.

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