What Is The Difference Between A Novel And A Book?

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What Is The Difference Between A Novel And A Book?

The difference could be stark.

A lot of people around the world use the words ‘book’ and ‘novel’ interchangeably. However, there is a difference between books and novels. While the two may be similar in their physical nature, when it comes to the content that each carries, that’s when we understand the difference.

To understand easily, we have elaborated upon 4 essential differences between a book and a novel. They are -

1. Purpose:

A book is a general term that can refer to any kind of a book - dictionary, atlas, poems, short stories, non-fiction, diaries, colouring books, comics, cookbooks, encyclopedia. A book, basically, gives information to its readers. A novel, on the other hand, is a fictitious narrative. Basically, a book can be fiction or nonfiction, but a novel is only a fiction story.

2. Features:

A book is a written, printed, illustrated work, or even a set of blank sheets with pages bound together in covers. Books generally are a source of information that give us knowledge in the form of text, images, graphs, maps, etc. Novels, on the other hand, are works of fiction, with a story complete with a plot, setting, theme, and characters. Novels are a source of entertainment and can be categorised further into sub-genres like thriller, romance, sci-fi, crime, fantasy, etc.

3. Length:

The length of a book differs based on its purpose and genre. A book of poems may be a short-length book with fewer number of words, but an encyclopedia may be much longer in comparison. A novel, however, is mostly more than 40K words, because a fabricated, spun up story has to establish a plot, introduce and build its characters, develop the story and progress it towards a pre-defined conclusion.

4. Writer:

The person who writes a book is called a writer or an author. A person who writes a novel is called a novelist.

Here are the key differences between a book and a novel in a nutshell:

1) All novels are books, but all books are not novels!

2) A book may be anything ranging from fiction to nonfiction, but a novel is only fiction.

3) Books are a source of information. Novels are a source of entertainment.

4) Books are generally written to discuss a matter or to enlighten people about certain subjects.

Novels, on the other hand, tell a story from the start to the end.

5) All novelists are writers, but all writers are not novelists.

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