Watch many shades of Bengaluru, by Thousand Shades of India

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Watch many shades of Bengaluru, by Thousand Shades of India

Video essays produced by Thousand Shades of India

Thousand Shades of India was founded by two Bengaluru-based journalists Shafaat Shahbandari and Tayyab Hassan Ajaib. The organisation uses the power of visual media to tell stories of common people like farmers, artisans and workers, who exhibit courage, resilience, and unparalleled humanity, empathy, and compassion.

We bring to you five such short documentaries produced by the organisation and hope you appreciate them as much as we did.

1. Natural, Sustainable, Inspirational

Carrying forward the legacy of his forefathers, an old farmer living in the rural interiors of Hassan district is showcasing how our ancestors once lived in sync with nature. His natural lifestyle, untouched by the blemishes of modern development, has not only nourished him and his family well but has also kept him away from doctors all his life.

This amazing story shows how nature has a remedy for all our ills, if only we bother to live in harmony with it.

2. When Learning Is A Child's Play

Away from the din of Bengaluru's daily grind, four changemakers have quietly built an oasis of knowledge that is making learning exciting for children from the underprivileged communities. In India, more than 250 million students go to schools, with at least half of them coming from poor backgrounds and studying at government schools, having access to little or no modern facilities.

This video takes viewers inside Vismaya Kalike, where four young men are busy making education fun and exciting for poor children who would otherwise have no access to quality education. If more centres like Vismaya Kalike opened up, the dropout rate, which is as high as 30% in the underprivileged communities, would definitely fall.

3. From Mercy To Hope

As millions of Indians struggle to survive amidst the lockdown and the covid19 crisis, volunteers and NGOs like the Mercy Mission are helping them find hope.

Mercy Mission is an umbrella organisation of more than 20 Bengaluru based NGOs, which offers a comprehensive social support system providing food relief, medical supplies, round the clock ambulances, mental healthcare, funeral facilities etc.

This video was the first to highlight their brave efforts at the frontline, since then their noble work has been celebrated by the media and recognised by the government.

4. The Invisible Force!

Volunteers are an important part of every society. Selflessly serving others, they truly symbolise the spirit of being human.

In Bengaluru, there is one such force that carries an essential function in the city without much fanfare. This story gives an insight into the works of an invisible force that helps Bengaluru's traffic police manage the city's chaotic roads as well as all emergency situations.

5. When A City Blooms

In India, flowers are central to the celebration of all festivals and special occasions across various cultures and regions. In this video we witness one of Asia's biggest flower bazaars, Bengaluru's Krishna Rajendra Market, popularly known as City Market, bringing viewers up and close with a variety of blooms and fragrances.


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