"They were gentle farts, not loud obnoxious or peace destroying": Raj Chakrapani Pens 3 Delightful Poems For You

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"They were gentle farts, not loud obnoxious or peace destroying": Raj Chakrapani Pens 3 Delightful Poems For You

Poetry by Raj Chakrapani

Together and not Sharing

Property of fondness
protect us, desire to us
property of dear ones to signal
superior particles to us
let us have longing

give us agreeable, pleasing
knife in folkloric

grant us attraction, let us into pleasant objects
weak eyes to us, what palsies
protect our apparitional knobs

good clusters to us, good mornings to us
give us long remedies, executives to us
property of good company
give us sacrificial gravel, injunctions
property of partaking materials
grant us undaunted pulses, elongated

come into the ability to annex
come into hesitate less
firebombs, let us bits

private incoming, goodness of time
let us submit errors, let us promisingly
grant us modes to which we travel


The Bathroom Slippers Yogi

He had a yellow beard, looked like he was in his fifties.
On a mountain trek outside of Dharamsala
his choice of footwear was flip flops,
looked like the bathroom slippers people used
at the guest house where we stayed. I also noticed
that sometimes he farted as we climbed up the mountain.
I wore massive boots, slipped and slid up the rocks
he effortlessly climbed a brisk pace ahead of me.
I remember at some point the bathroom slippers
broke and he walked barefoot.
I wasn't able to fart on my way up. It was as if he
was a few inches off the ground and also grounded.
They were gentle farts, not loud
obnoxious or peace destroying.


Uncles 3

enter into stimuli
the sax depths of
the dips We
used wrap 12
years in tissue
paper we fail to daydream
after f-stars
We used leak
the ceiling of
critters scuttling
we unfrozen
veggies of taught
arms We used sex
muscled relic dominated
creaky man
We used refugee
message spray man
of angry episodes
we passage lashes
We used negate
fences of ice hands
we fossil index of
lama thatches
We used jaggery
jungle lilac umbra
tapple lacquer
of sugar sulfa
We used angle
color blocking
sadhu snoopers
to nuclear rooms
we grab molasses
We used our way
of making leaves
on three wheelers
we used a wick
tock dial a pyre
throwing carlands
onto poles of sutras

One of my Uncles went to Vedic school, he and my father didn’t talk.


Raj Chakrapani received an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. At Iowa, he wrote his collection of prose, Brown People who Speak English, and his MFA thesis is on Bhanu Kapil’s Schizophrene. He also took classes in experimental film and translation and writes interviews for The Rumpus. In 2020 he will be a Fulbright Fellow to Romania where he will co-translate an anthology of Romanian poetry from women and Roma poets. His work is placed in Asymptote, Lana Turner, Speculative City, Word Thug, Sequestrum, and elsewhere. The first part of his trilogy of films is on Triquarterly and the rest are available on youtube. He teaches at Bard College.

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