"The news / is real, too real": Poetry by William J. Joel

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"The news / is real, too real": Poetry by William J. Joel

One Sonnet by William J. Joel

Sonnet for News Bulletin

“For you are goddesses, inside on everything, know everything.
But we mortals hear only the news, and know nothing at all.”

Believe it if you can, or not, it’s up
to you; no one’s insisting that you do,
but let me say with firm intent, the cup
is neither filled nor drained to half, it’s you
that sees it one way or another. Your
perception makes it so, in all things plain
and sans of any trickery, no door
behind which lies another lie whose name
we all know well, too well. It’s simply that
your mind will see whatever it will choose
to see, from patterns honed through time. No hat
to pull the rabbit from, this day. The news
is real, too real, no place to hide, to wait
to see if things will change before too late.


William J. Joel has been teaching computer science since 1983 and has been a writer even longer. His works have recently appeared in Common Ground Review, DASH Literary Journal, The Blend International, Liminality, and North Dakota Quarterly.

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