Perspectives in Poetry: Poetry Mentoring Programme for 14-17 year olds (Applications Open)

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Perspectives in Poetry: Poetry Mentoring Programme for 14-17 year olds (Applications Open)

Age: 14-17 years | Max batch size: 15 students | 10 week-long programme | Sundays 3-5 pm.

Dear readers,

The most flattering review any piece of writing can receive is that it is poetic. Poetry is prevalent since the dawn of language. For young minds, being able to appreciate and write good poetry has the potential of opening them up to the way they perceive language and the world. In times we live in, poetics is not limited to poetry alone. May it be an effective political slogan, or a catchy commercial, or a well-delivered speech, the deployment of poetic tools to communicate effectively can be seen in day to day life.

Poetry is also therapeutic. In the times of fear, uncertainty, and grief we are currently living in, poetry can be a personal source of strength, especially among young adults. Hence, Bengaluru Review announces mentoring programme for High School students. This programme will introduce students to the history, evolution, aesthetics, and discourses in poetry and also teach them how to employ this knowledge in their own creative space.

Details to the programme are listed below

  • Age group: 14-17 year
  • Maximum batch size: Only 15 students per batch. Applications will be considered and the final shortlist will be announced on 26th May.
  • Application closes for 1st batch: May 22nd.
  • Announcement of selected students: May 26th.
  • The program begins: May 30th (Sunday)
  • Timeline: 10 week programme - 10 online Zoom sessions of 2 hours each (20 hours of mentoring)
  • Date: May 30th to August 1st, every Sunday 3-5 pm.
  • Fees: 3,000 ₹ for 10 sessions per student.
  • Mentors: Sourav Roy and Poornima Laxmeshwar.
  • Language of instruction: English.
  • Application Form Link

The programme includes

  • A weekend course spanning 10 weeks, with online sessions of 2 hours each on Sunday afternoons. A cohort of 15 students from the age group of 14-17 years will be selected. Members of this cohort will actively engage with the mentors and each other through the span of the programme. Applicants are requested to check the timeline and apply only if they plan to attend all sessions.
  • By the end of the programme, participants will have created a mini-portfolio/manuscript of poems written as part of the activities conducted during the duration of the course. A session with participants reading selected work in front of their parents and friends will be organised. Bengaluru Review will also organise a session where prominent poets will share their poems and interact with the cohort members.
  • Selected participants' works will be chosen by the magazine editors and published in Bengaluru Review literary journal.


Each session will look at poetry from a different perspective:

  1. Content and Form: How to approach content and form. Engage participants in activities on matching content and form. Understanding repetition and ambiguity.
  2. Sound: Understanding phonetics. Exploration into poetry that evokes meaning through sounds. Exploring alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhythm, rhyme, rhetoric.
  3. Words: Learning to look at words like a poet. Learn to make your language sensory, and relook at parts of speech. Concrete versus abstract words. Shabd Shaktiyan (from Anandavardhana’s Dhwanyaloka)
  4. Image: Learning the art of writing Haiku. Images and cuts. The logic and emotion in imagery. Reflection. Theory of montage.
  5. Logic and Theme: Discussing poetry’s close proximity with mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. Poetry’s relationship with the subconscious. Aristotle’s Poetics. How poetry unifies. Case Study: How to approach a love poem.
  6. Metaphor: Metaphor versus simile. How to create simple metaphors. How to create complex metaphors. Exaggeration.
  7. Personification, Symbol, Motif, Myth: Going beyond metaphors. Shifting perspectives. How metaphors enter the language. Discuss Mahabharata, Ramayana, Shakespeare's plays.
  8. Experience, memory, imagination: Importance of experience. Originality. The universality of experiences. Anoobhooti. Exploring one’s memory. Imagination.
  9. The physical world of a writer: Understanding editing and revision. Dictionary, Thesaurus, Apps, etc. Making use of technology. Need for solitude, patience, and courage. Reading groups, community. Common writing habits.
  10. Closing Thoughts: Reading from diaries and notes of different poets on the process of writing. Discussing the lives of different poets. Feedback session on the course and takeaways.

Mentor Details

Sourav Roy
Sourav is a journalist, Hindi poet, translator, and educator. He is the founding editor of Bengaluru Review magazine, and has taught poetry at Azim Premji University and creative writing at NIFT Bengaluru, and currently works as a teacher at Head Start Educational Academy. His published books include Yayavar (Collection of poems), Karnakavita (Editor: Anthology of Hindi-Urdu poetry from Bengaluru), Soho Mein Marx (Translator: Three Plays by Howard Zinn), and Os Ki Prithvi (Translation of Japanese Haiku).

Poornima Laxmeshwar
Poornima resides in Bengaluru and works as a writer for a living. Her poems have been published in national and international journals of repute. Her first poetry collection “Anything but Poetry” was published by Writers Workshop, Kolkata, a chapbook of her prose poems “Thirteen” was published by Yavanika Press, and her full-length poetry collection 'Strings Attached' was recently published by Red River. She is the Poetry Editor of Bengaluru Review magazine.

Application Process

Appplicants need to fill this form.

While filling the form, applicants need to upload the following two documents:

  1. Essay: A 250-word essay on why you want to join this mentoring programme.
  2. Sample work: Maximum 3 poems (this is optional)

In case of any queries or clarification, please reach out to Shivani Menon, the Programme Coordinator for the course at or 9880989780.

Thank you!

Bengaluru Review

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