Brave new world: illustrations by Namrata Narendra

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Brave new world: illustrations by Namrata Narendra

Brave new world: illustrations by Namrata Narendra

Gen X V Y

This piece is inspired by the speech delivered by Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Summit in September 2019. It seeks to understand the dynamics between the generations that are on seemingly different ends in this era of protests. It is a brave new world.

1 Gen XVY


This looks at ‘ART’ in three different ways – A: Articulated; that which is viewed for its appearance and aesthetics. R: Rehearsed; that which is viewed for its creation, processes and appearance. T: Taught; that which is viewed for its ability to transcend space, time and people (humans as an artwork in itself)

2 Art


This is a satirical take on our irreplaceable dependence on technology. We are so handicapped without it that we have to check our phones instead of our instincts.

3 Mindless

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Open your m(ind)outh

This is another satirical take on current political scenario. The hopelessness and relentlessness that we see are due to various perceptions and beliefs, some which don’t align with humanity. Everything has to be seen from a macro perspective.

4 Open your m(ind)outh



Society builds us up, brainwashes us, breaks us down. Society and the culture around us are what construct us to be the people we are. We are 90% of what we are the society has assembled us as and breaking from this is what we all aspire to pursue.

5 Build

Namrata is an architect and researcher during the day, and an illustrator and book reader during the rest of her days. Her interests lie in human cognition and behavior. She has also contributed illustrations to a childern's book and a poetry collection.

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