"Knowledge is to possession what wisdom is to practicality": Three wonderful poems by Ndaba Sibanda on the Pandemic

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"Knowledge is to possession what wisdom is to practicality": Three wonderful poems by Ndaba Sibanda on the Pandemic

Poetry by Ndaba Sibanda

A Poor Person`s Precarious Paces And Spaces

Her efforts to hold back, to hold herself back

Against hurtling and hurting herself helplessly

With a hungry, tiny child strapped to her back

Are a betrayal, as she bursts into tears and fury

Her hiding husband betrayed her, battered her

She is on the brink of soundness, she is shaky

Hoping to ward off hunger and helplessness

Famine weighs on her fragile body, her mind

As she takes precarious steps that are oblivious

To the world of lockdowns and social distancing

She is dead, deaf, defenseless against a new reality

Ushered in by an eerie, unseen virus, she wobbles on



Let laughter, love, sympathy and hope glow and grow
in the garden of humanity even if, at times,
the rain is scant.

To dwell on matters that humanity can solve,
is to say positivity you are nobler than negativity.

Self-distancing rules and stay-at-home guidelines
do not imply that people are now islands on their own.

To the contrary, these reinforce the unity of humanity
against common viral invisibility.

Knowledge is to possession
what wisdom is to practicality.

Diversification is a creative way
of staying on top of one's game.

Humility sometimes swaps seats with obscurity.
Scientists discover solutions in anonymity.

Pandemic or endemic, humanity must adjust
and learn to deal with the coronavirus.

People will recover, the economies will recover,
not matter what time it could take.

A virtual world could be a strange jungle,
but you had better get lost racing into it
rather than running away from its networks.

The new is odd, the normal is abnormal,
The trick is to seek ways of coping with as
it is a new reality.

Our senses can be viewed as our natural thermometers,
stethoscopes and telescopes.

Our consciences and experiences constitute our human
thermostats, barometers, and maps.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it
new settings to the global landscape,
resetting and reinventing is the motto.


Vaccines And Treatments

Scientists around the world are working

Tirelessly on potential vaccines and treatments

Yes, the race is on to find medicines and vaccines

Preventive measures are crucial and must be adhered to

Reliance on social distancing, contact tracing, self-isolation

No vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic has been developed

And approved, on the other hand, clinical trials are underway

The disease`s damage must be lessened, there must be a game

Changer: can existing antivirals work? What about the new drugs?

Drugs to treat people with the pandemic or to prevent infection?

Specialists say antivirals are likely to be developed and approved

Before a vaccine, which historically and typically takes a longer time


Nominated for the Pushcart Prize and for Best of the Net, Sibanda is the author of Notes, Themes, Things And Other Things, The Gushungo Way, Sleeping Rivers, Love O’clock, The Dead Must Be Sobbing, Football of Fools, Cutting-edge Cache, Of the Saliva and the Tongue, When Inspiration Sings In Silence, The Way Forward, The Ndaba Jamela and Collections, This Cannot Be Happening: Speaking Truth To Power, As If They Minded and Poetry Pharmacy.

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