July Issue 2020 (Short Story Special)

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July Issue 2020 (Short Story Special)

Bengaluru Review Short Story Contest : Winners, the shortlist, and the longlist

The July 2020 Issue of Bengaluru Review is an assortment of some of the best submission we rceived towards the short story contest running over the past months . With nearly 200 submissions, it was an uphill task for the team and the judges to arrive at a final result. A special note of thanks to our judges, Shinie Antony, Madhavi Mahadevan, and Vasudhendra, who took the time from their busy schedules to go through the selected submissions and arrive at the final winners.

The winning, shortlisted, and longlisted stories are as follows :

Winner :

Little Star : Winning short story by Carol Pang


First Runner Up :

Girls and Boys : Winning short story by Vrinda Baliga


Second Runner Up :

Migratory Birds : Winning short story by Sudeepta Sanyal


Shortlisted Stories (in no particular order) :

Meera : A short story by Pragya Bhagat

Endra’s Mask : A short story by Stephen Douglas Wright

The Founding Story Of Climate Change Village : A short story by Venkataraghavan Subha Srinivasan

Calling All Rebel Gardeners : A short story by Rebecca Winslow-Pandey

Good Bones : A short story by Sahiti Gavarikar

The Darkness of Truth : A short story by Anna Peter

Behind the Veil : A short story by Sarthak Kukreja

Fluffy Xavier Junior Rests Here : A short story by Purnesh Bhattacharya

Keep it clean the grave, down in Burma Shave : A short story by Dinesh Raghavendra

Those who follow shadows, by Raoul Djimeli


Longlisted Stories (in no particular order) :

Counting Backwards, by Shruthi Menon

Exam Day, by Radhika Lata Murthy

The Damned Heart, by Paresh Tiwari

The Little Girl, by Rose Maria Thomas

Believer in Disbelief, by Muddasir Ramzan

The Dreams of Freedom, by Abilash Chandran

Papayas of Gobra, by Sufia Khatoon

The Divide, by Sheela Jaywant

The End of the Affair, by Himangshu Dutta

Carmine, by Sharika Nair

The Armadillo, by Sudipa Palit

Rio-Bogota-London, by Kirtana Kumar

Dragon's Tail, by Priyanka Kapoor

You Don't Step Out Of The House For A Long Time, by Michelle D'costa

Exhaling, by Tia Basu

The Photograph, by Sara Sohail

Cities as Metaphors of Love, by Bijaya Biswal

Changeling, by Suchi Govindarajan

The West Facing Window, by Shameek Ray

The Song of the Fireflies, by Vignesh Babu

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