"It all depends on what you wear / beneath": Poetry by Louis Faber

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"It all depends on what you wear / beneath": Poetry by Louis Faber

One Poem by Louis Faber

No Bialys Today

No one looked up when the Buddha
walked into the deli and took a seat
at the counter, “Pastrami on rye, and
lean, with mustard on the side, and two
slices of full dill and a side of slaw.”

As he sipped the Dr. Brown's Cream
Soda, the waitress smiled at him,
asked, “Are those robes comfortable,
winter isn't all that far off, you know.”

Buddha smiled, and with a serene calm
said, “It all depends on what you wear
beneath, I prefer a silk-cotton blend,
but some I know want only organics.”

As he finished, a younger, swarthy
man entered, his robes bleached white
from the sun, his dark hair long,
sandals worn down, and came
over to Buddha, sat down with
a nod to the waitress, and instantly
a corned beef on pumpernickel
appeared, at which point Buddha
muttered “Christ, how do you do that?”


Louis Faber’s work has previously appeared in The Poet, Dreich (Scotland), The Alchemy Spoon (UK), Atlanta Review, New Feathers Anthology, Arena Magazine (Australia), Exquisite Corpse, Rattle, Eureka Literary Magazine, Borderlands: the Texas Poetry Review, and elsewhere, and in journals in India, Pakistan, China and Japan, among many others. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He, his wife and cat reside in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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