In Pictures : When reviewers were reviewed in a workshop

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In Pictures : When reviewers were reviewed in a workshop

Glimpses from a workshop conducted by Kalyanaraman Durgadas, organised by Bengaluru Review.

On 10th Feb, 2019, Bengaluru Review organised a workshop by author Kalyanaraman Durgadas . The sole purpose of the workshop was to understand the need for good reviews, and ways of approaching a text or a piece of art. Organised at the iconic Cubbon Park, the workshop witnessed participation from reviewers and readers from the city, along with students from the Garden City College.

During the course of the workshop, Kalyanaraman discussed various ways of approaching a text; from the perspectives of theme and form, author, and the reader. He discussed in detail, ways of looking at the character, plot, setting, language, and point of views in a story.

Scroll below to catch glimpses of the workshop. Also, stay tuned with our Facebook Page and subscribe to our emailers to keep yourself updated with many more workshops and events to be organised in the days to come.

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