In Pictures : Motion – Non motion

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In Pictures : Motion – Non motion

An assortment of Hara Kostopoulou’s photography capturing the unavoidable movement of time.

Change is possible, only through movement (Aldus Huxley).

Man should survive in a world, which is revealed to him, through the light, the picture, the motion and the perspective. The movement shows up demonstration of time, and points out the vital space.

Maybe the time and the movement concern that Plato and Aristotle named “Ether”. Hesiod defines the Archetypical Movement of Chaos, as something that we find in every beginning. An invisible chaos, that allows the origination of the visible.

The mechanism of motion reproduction, refers to the fatal and the unavoidable of time that goes on, meeting different incisions and connections. The pendulousness of time, causes the sense of life and the natural evolution of things.

Heraclitus puts the man, in the time and the motion, of evolution and changes. Man has the opportunity to translate the abstract to the specific, the indefinable to the specified, the inarticulate to the articulate, the apparently immovable to the real movable. Through the apparent movement, recalls the memory of the stillness.

In the field of interactions, we meet the two way movement of vibrations, the energy and the frequencies. That is we meet in the same time the attraction and the repulsion (according to Hesiod Eros – Eris in Greek language, which mean love – feud) in their archetypical form.

The movement of the time is unavoidable. Time acts without being seen and becomes perceivable through the motion. The time you have lived is countable, to the extent of human biological and psychological rhythms. Our immediate environment and our everyday life, seem to be dominated by motion, within a determined space. We define the Universe as Unified (in which is contained the Separate), which includes the first archetypical Energy, that is the first archetypical motivating power.

The principle of contrasts or the real absence makes us to accept that the requirement of the world of Separated is the world of Undivided. If the Division is the result of Time and Motion, then the Undivided, equivalences for the Man to Non – Time and the Immobility.


Hara Kostopoulou was born in Greece. She has studied Fine Arts and technology at the Middlesex University of London. She continued her studies in the Design of Printed and Digital Media. Her work has to do with the Feminine Art and its perception nowadays. She still tries to find the link between childhood and adulthood. Collage plays a significant part in her works, through the different forms that it could take. Since 2004, she took part in many art exhibitions and festivals. Some of her short stories have been published in Dystopian Anthologies. She’s also won a prize of Larry Niven Greek Awards 2018.

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