"I belong to something more than the universe": Three Poems by Valerie Lasso

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"I belong to something more than the universe": Three Poems by Valerie Lasso

Poetry by Valerie Lasso

This feature appears in the Asia Pacific Writers & Translators x Bengaluru Review Special Issue: Step Outside the Frame, September 2020.

Summer Place Day

Not long ago it was twice a week I woke
Always the crow of the rooster on the lawn
Beneath my window, a pale gleam
slipping through the curtains

Crossing the threshold to the deck
cool wood merges into grass covered earth
A path surfacing as the fire-ants climb up
the broken light post. Pesky little jaws
pinch the source of their demise

The amazon parrots twist their red heads,
low clicks of grey tongues. Swinging
back and forth under the bowed tree branch,
they call my name.

The baby ducks follow the geese into the pond
lined with dirt-stained stones of emerald cores.
The pink ginger flowers rest upon their leaf thrones,
their shadows etch rocky mountain figures on the grass.

Upon a turn of the head, a blue sight.
The sky and the ocean blending crystallised.
Over the dock a calming breeze,
the scent of salt, lime and fresh fish
that I often smelled on my father.
Another mesmerising day beaming at me
through sea sprayed screen doors.
Its crooks hold the times I took for granted.


Incendium Amazonia

Black snow drifting to our land.
Heat—red sunset without a star,
Earthlings racing for their lives,
Tripping over the greed of those
Who refuse to behold
The truth in the flames.


Comfort Zone

My life, a field of comfort. Dandelions block my view of what’s beyond the line that blurs earth and sky. Reminds me of the plush over which I lay. Without warning, rifting winds blow the fluff from its centre. Soundless rattling coaxes me to my feet, brisk as I follow in their wake. The seed swirls, hypnotising, drawing me to a chasm of light. My feet stick to the edge as the seed takes descent to the unknown. A rhythmic pounding through the earth, emanates from within. The seed is calling my name, echoing through the stone. But my feet remain unmoved, glued by doubt. Inhaling, I thrust fear aside, neglecting its existence. The ground dissipates and I fall. Breeze between my fingers. My breath liquifying with the rumblings of gravity. Regret and fear take my hands as the light brightens. The ground rushes up, but it's not firm and shattering. I break through. Glowing blues engulf, receive and welcome me into its realm. Glimmering specks of life shining all around and within me. I belong to something more than the universe.


Valeria Lasso is a twenty-one-year-old Colombian-Panamanian writer living in Australia.

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