David Appelbaum Shares 3 Of His Mesmerising Poems That You Need To Read RIght Now

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David Appelbaum Shares 3 Of His Mesmerising Poems That You Need To Read RIght Now

Poetry by David Appelbaum

a want (illusory)

a glob of fig jam dropt

a hundred ants or a
veritable coven

swirls elliptically
dense with pinching spells

a feeding frenzy
an archaic wish to clothe

Eve’s pudendum

as fig must signify

with their brittle bodies

in the garden eternal

it lives in my clumsiness
with fruits
(desires for all species)

to pluck and to taste
one by one

what comes to be called

(to some, sin)


it’s all about the father

a colorless cocoon
straddling the underside
of an oak leaf

the sexless euphony
of moths

who enter the abyss
without parricide

we are different

simple hatred
where no one is to blame
throws the die

their one flesh
erases a boundary

it is there for us

we are the mortal ones
separate by day

a single pronoun
economy hours bed

there, a wet stain
an inland sea

seems the only thing
in the room

and millennia
try to efface it



texts not used

in a lost and found

wanting an owner
to meet
at the landfill

someone to pout on
a pinky ring
and say it’s mine

it fell off the shelf

the gem I’m looking for

perfect to set
in an ode or sonnet


if meaning is
a sensed relation

it isn’t a heartbreak

to be repurposed

swished in a chemical
for another day

to breed
like the young and beautiful

each shred admiring
its own ghost

whispering falsetto
no no no no
until the word means

anything at all

an auto-reset,


David Appelbaum has worked in the university and in publishing, and is an author. His most recent books include notes on water: an aqueous phenomenology [Monkfish, 2018].

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