April Issue 2020

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April Issue 2020

A summary of the April 2020 edition of Bengaluru Review

The April 2020 Issue of Bengaluru Review contains (click on the titles to read):


Are We At The Endgame Of The Age Of Humans? Saurabh Thakur's Insightful Essay Takes A Look At 'Day Zero'


“Crime Novel Is A Game Between The Writer And The Reader”: Dibyajyoti Sarma interviews Uttaran Das Gupta about his new novel Ritual

Book Excerpt

Remembering the Bombay Plague of 1896-97: An excerpt from Saeed Ibrahim’s book “Twin Tales from Kutch”


Aneek Chatterjee reviews "Bridging Continents: An Anthology of Indo - American Poets", edited by Sharmila Ray and Gopal Lahiri

A Book That Falls Into The Classical Gandhian Trap: Adv. Nikhil Sanjay- Rekha Adsule reviews Sangeeta Mulay’s book ’Savitribai Phule and I’

A Riveting Read With Genuine Bengaluru Flavors: Anantha reviews "The Alchemy of Secrets", a novel by Priya Balasubramanian

A Thriller that Grips, Gnaws, and Grows on you: Nayan Basu reviews Srijit Mukherji’s film Dwitiyo Purush

'How Pepsi Won The Cola Wars': Arun Bhatia Delves Deeper Into The Race For 'Cola Supremacy'

Our Life Is Like A Film Made Up Of A 1000 Pictures : Anjana Satpathy's Incisive Take On Victor E. Frankl's Masterpiece

Questioning One's Identity As A Writer : Dr. Amit Shankar Saha reviews Devika Basu's collection of poems "Resonant Recital"

The Man Who Cycled All Over The Country And Made People Question Their Own Beliefs : Sonali Bhatia reviews 'Untold stories of a cyclist', an event by Ekta's Gatherings


Poetry And Protest: 5 Brilliant Kannada poems translated to English by Kamalakar Bhat

"I Remember The Very Moment That The Household God Died Of Dust": William Doreski Shares 4 Delighful Poems

"An Advice To A Writer On Marriage": 3 Poems By Bishweshwar Das

David Appelbaum Shares 3 Of His Mesmerising Poems That You Need To Read Right Now

"Colors Must Have Something To Do With Memory": Four Poems By The Brilliant Nikita Parik

"We Are An Echo Of A Destitute Translation": 5 Poems By Huzaifa Pandit That Should Be Read, Read Again, And Again

"...Sniff Is The Portal To Memory": 3 Exquisite Poems By Foley Prize Winner Marjorie Maddox

'The Seductive Hatchback Taxi Is The Market's Most Hired Car': Sriramgokul Chinnasamy's Poems Are A Poet's Delight

"Appapa stitches a frock for me": Aathma Nirmala Dious' Poems Weave Stories Into Verses

"It takes six hours to dig a grave": Dania Alkhouli At Her Poetic Best


The Byroad: A short story by Aswini Kumar

'Netaji's Spectacles' : Barnali Saha Brings Out The Wonderful Short Story of Swaym Prakash In English

Therefore, Prayers: Mandira Pattnaik's Short Story That Needs To Be Read

'Difficult to Rule' Manik Bandopadhhay's Timeless Story Translated By Mayeesha Azhar

'Missing Glow-Worm': Mallika Bhaumik's Brilliant Short Story That You Should Be Reading Right Now

Happy Reading!


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