Watch : In conversation with Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury – The ABCs

The ABCs is a YouTube channel for artists, books, and cafes. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury over a cup of coffee at the delightful cafe, Atta Galatta, and the conversation revealed an incredible side of the poet/author which her fans may not have known before.

We bring you some of the excerpts from the interview which definitely gave us an insight into her brilliant mind.

Interviewer: Who were your biggest inspirations?

Maitreyee: As kids, I think, everybody’s inspiration is Enid Blyton. I mean, we all grew up to Enid Blyton and as you graduate, there are different writers who come into your life who make it special, you know, teach you to dream about words, dream with words, and being enamoured by the whole act of writing…So, naming just one or two may not be ideal.

Interviewer: Benaras, as a city, has been a source of inspiration for numerous works, how was your experience of being there and the poetry that you wrote?

Maitreyee: Benaras is fantastic. My father told me as a child, “you haven’t seen India if you haven’t seen Benaras.” So, when I had this time to go and explore a little bit on my own, I chose to go to Benaras. And the Benaras that you see as an artist is very different, I suppose, from the Benaras that one sees on a day-to-day basis. The colours, the excitement, the little rituals, and everything else, make it a beauty that it is.

Interviewer: Which is the author you associate with the word ‘honest’?

Maitreyee: Well, the author whom I associate with honesty is Emily Dickinson, I think. I find her poems extremely honest.

Interviewer: Where do you like to write, home or some cafe?

Maitreyee: A bit of both. I like the buzz of a cafe. I like seeing people come and go and doing different things. It inspires me.

Interviewer: Which is your favourite, fiction or non-fiction?

Maitreyee: Non-fiction. I don’t read much of fiction.

Interviewer: What do you prefer as a medium of entertainment, movie or theatre?

Maitreyee: Both, can I have both? Both. Theatre is so live and movies are so brilliant.

Interviewer: Which would you pick, money, love, art, or fame?

Maitreyee: Love, it is the only reason to survive. Always love.

As the conversation flowed, we got to know more about what drives Maitreyee and what inspires her. Do watch her interview below and we bet you’ll pick up a gem or two, in her words.


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