In Pictures : Last day last show at Rex Theatre, Bengaluru

“End of a 90 year-old affair in soft melancholy. Not a grand farewell to a place which has stood witness to grand spectacles,” writes Bishweshwar.

What do you write or say about a place that outlived an era?

Rex, the Octogenarian finally hangs its boots or maybe the stick. But not before the last show is over. Bang on time, the lights coming on and off with electric precision. The simple chips and refreshment stalls sending the boys to dispatch that little snack after the intermission.

In the Dark as the Cinemascope takes control of you for the next two odd hours. And above all, the comfort of having a supreme large size theatre all to yourself is a feeling that only a single screen can give. Like single malt, it never disappoints.

As the curtains go down for the last time, I took my camera and walked up the alley on a day of 31st Dec mayhem on Brigade Road. Here are the results.

The iconic entrance to Rex Theatre, Brigade Road.


There is no one to save this Cinema Paradiso, as Rex Theatre will soon be demolished to make way for a new shopping mall.


End of a 90 year-old affair in soft melancholy. Not a grand farewell to a place which has stood witness to grand spectacles.


Last day last show.


Standing tall since the 30s, Rex Theatre has witnessed much more crowd in its golden days.


Curtain calls.


The theatre looked emptier and more melancholy than it probably deserved.


After iconic cinema theatres like Plaza and Galaxy were demolished; and the likes of Symphony and Lido were turned into multiplexes; Rex was among the last ones standing.


Kannada’s latest super hit film KGF wasn’t good enough to save Rex from its melancholic fate.


Setting his hair right at the men’s washroom, one last time.


With no more tickets to be sold, the booking office looked empty.


The blank screen will never light up with the glory of cinema again.


The usher doesn’t have to lead viewers to their seats with his flashlight anymore.


The refreshment counter dimly lit, bathed in the smell of popcorn.


Bengaluru’s romance with Rex Cinema ends. Time to go home.


Bishweshwar is a poet, author, and photographer. He currently lives in Bengaluru.


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